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Scott Yaw / Professional Bio President / Director, Scott Yaw Associates LLC

An accomplished brand strategist and competitive intelligence consultant with 35-years experience.
Scott provides research-based competitive strategy, brand differentiation and market intelligence to senior
executives and business teams charged growing their organizations revenue.

Scott Yaw has lead strategic initiatives for 3M, Black & Decker / DeWalt, Procter & Gamble, Honda, Senco Brands, W.L. Gore, McDonald’s, Remington, Ingersoll-Rand, Newell Rubbermaid, Yum Brands and
Johnson & Johnson along with numerous private equity and financial service organizations.

His unique ideas help business leaders transform their marketing efforts from hope and pray expenditures into planned success. From hit and miss endeavors into measurable actions that improve sales.

Scott Yaw is a docent at The Barnes Foundation, Philadelphia and resides in historic Bucks County, PA

Speaking and Work Shop Credentials:

Scott Yaw is a knowledgeable, engaging speaker. He uses tailored case study examples in his speaking
engagements. Topics are based on the business benefits of applying competitive intelligence and brand
differentiation strategies for companies who want to improve their competitive position in the marketplace.

He has addressed The Conference Board, American Marketing Association chapters, 3M Innovation Team,
The Wharton School, IABC International Association of Business Communicators, Chamber of Commerce,
Eastern European Trade Council, Equipment and Tool Institute, local and regional business groups throughout North America and Europe.

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