Competitive Strategy Advisors

Competitive Intelligence – knowledge and foreknowledge to see what’s next.

Competitive intelligence is – a systematic research tool for collecting and analyzing revealing information about a company’s external business environment. Effective competitive intelligence delivers fact-based insight into markets, competitors, customers and emerging trends.

Our competitive intelligence technique maps the business environment as it is changing. We show business leaders what their competitors are up to and propose ways to outmaneuver them. We identify new revenue streams, business risk and threats so companies can gain a profitably different competitive advantage. Business strategy, branding, marketing and sales programs become more effective when competitive intelligence is integrated into strategic planning.

How we work - Using multiple information channels, networks and creative techniques we uncover truth. We go deep into the marketplace where hidden business information is found. We engage knowledgeable connected people (HUMINT) to discover what they know, what they think – and why. Our final intelligence report includes eye-opening insights, analysis and options to help business leaders take action.

Expertise includes: