Competitive Strategy Advisors

Competitive strategy challenges we’ve helped business leaders answer:

An aggressive new competitor is impacting our business. We know very little about their operations. How do we find out what they are planning - and when?
Division President – North American Distribution System

With our new management team in place, we’ve got to reshape this company. We need honest, objective knowledge about our competitors, customer perceptions and market potential… I want the truth.  
CEO – Mid-Size Manufacturing Company

Our category is aging and we can shake things up. What will it take to differentiate and reposition our brands from competition? How can we attract more prospects and increase sales with our resources?     
Senior Vice President Marketing – Consumer / Industrial Tool Division

Private label competition is our greatest threat. How can we thrive in this environment when our trade customer’s control the market space? We need practical ideas and a strategy to move forward.
Chief Marketing Officer – Consumer Products Company

I sense a profitable business opportunity if we move quickly. What are the risks if we move forward – what are the greater risks if we don’t?
Senior Vice President – Global Restaurant Chain

Revenue is declining. We’re losing customers and market share. Help me find a way to change course – fast.
Director Sales and Marketing – B2B Services Company

We’re looking into a major investment in a fallen market leader. I’m concerned something might be hiding below the surface? Is the company’s brand as strong as they claim? Do customers still care?
Managing Partner – Private Equity Firm